Welcome to ShePlace

It’s time for women+ to flourish.

About Us

We are a Utah-based network and digital platform of women+ from diverse industries & backgrounds.

Our Mission

Our mission will be realized through the power of connection, “sistering up” to champion and support one another, intentional and generous resource sharing, and opportunities for education and inspiration from partners and collaborators around the world.

Sistering Up Mantra

Our mantra, Sistering Up, is inspired by the construction term ‘sistering’, which means to make something stronger by adding support. At ShePlace, Sistering Up is both a mindset and an action-oriented framework, wherein all women+ are brought together to support each other. By Sistering Up, we make us all stronger, and in doing so, will accelerate positive social change.

ShePlace seeks to actualize a world where all women+ are valued, resourced, and thriving. We believe wholeheartedly that our individual prosperity is connected to the prosperity and well-being of all other women+.

We utilize women+ to welcome and include all self identifying women, including cis and transgender women, as well as non-binary and gender fluid individuals. While our community and offerings are catered to women+, we welcome the support of all allies who share our values

Our History

What started as Utah Wonder Women is now, ShePlace. What started as a premiere network networking community for today's accomplished women and tomorrow's ambitious leaders, is now, with your help, migrating into a vibrant online community for women who are committed to supporting other women and championing for gender and racial equity more generally. 

We started in 2013 as Utah Wonder Women (UWW), a by-invitation network for emerging and established women leaders in the State of Utah. Over the course of seven years, we held quarterly events, as well as one full day gathering in 2018 in partnership with the Surefire Girls Conference, to connect you to other incredible women in the hopes that good things would happen. Now it is time to do more. With the support of UWW co-founders Geralyn Dreyfous, Jennifer Danielson, and David Parkinson, Jacki Zehner (me) has transitioned into ShePlace, which aims to not only connect the amazing women of Utah with each other, but also to the larger mission of enhancing the status of women more broadly.

It is time for women's networks and women's communities to act individually and collectively in support of each other and for the greater good. So please accept this invitation to engage. Bring your talents, ideas, and willingness to give and receive to this place; ShePlace. Welcome. We are glad you are here.

 - CEO of ShePlace,
Jacki Zehner

We invite you to learn more about ShePlace at https://www.sheplace.com/